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Scott Murphy, Master Technician is an authorized dealer of Corrosion FREE™ rustproofing systems.

Corrosion FREE protects your vehicle against damage caused by severe temperature changes, acid rain and winter driving conditions. It is designed to penetrate the seams and crevices. It eliminates moisture and maintains a dry desert-type condition in the inner panels.

It actually terminates rust and corrosion in all metals, protects vinyl and plastic surfaces from UV rays and improves the function of moving parts through lubrication.

Unlike oil spray applications, Corrosion FREE can cling to metal, even in high-pressure car washes.

Not only does it prevent body panel rust perforation, it also saves hundreds of dollars in repairs to fuel lines, fuel tanks, emergency brake cables and brake lines, items not covered by aftermarket or manufacturers’ warranties.

It’s affordable and a great, proactive way to protect your car from the effects of our Midwestern weather.

Features of Corrosion Free™

  • Prevents stone chips from festering
  • Prevents gas lines from rotting
  • Prevents moisture in seams from freezing
  • Maintains structural integrity of frame
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Prevents door locks from freezing
  • Penetrates and lubricates nuts and bolts
  • Eliminates squeaks and creaks plus smoothes the operation of hinges & cables
  • Lubricates window, door mechanisms and power antennas
  • Protects rubber and vinyl trim from UV
  • Preserves the factory new lock
  • It’s safe and nonhazardous

Let’s Rustproof Your Car

We choose Corrosion FREE™ for our customers because we know it works and adds life to your vehicles. It is affordable and can be done in one afternoon. The protection it gives your car is a great way to give you a few more years on the road – and that’s what we like to offer you. You receive ASE-Certified Master Technician (nearly 30 years of certification) services combined with friendly, no-pressure advice. That’s why many of our customers have been around since we opened in 1996.

Corrosion Free Rustproofing

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