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Real world tips from your local master technician.


VEHICLE OVERHEATING It's spring time and the heartland is in bloom.  It's also time to dodge orange traffic barrels and deal with marginal cooling systems.  The average age of our autos, nationwide, is 11 years.  Locally, it's probably older than that.  That's a lot...

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How’s your A/C?

AIR CONDITIONING As the warm days of summer approach, our air conditioners sometimes have bad news for us.  Namely, they don't feel like working.  I know mine didn't. the most common problem with an a/c system is los of refrigerant, the stuff we used to call Freon. ...

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Trip Checking

As spring approaches, many of us begin our vacation planning. Since the average age of the auto on our roads is 11 years, some wonder, justifiably, if ‘Old Reliable’ is up to the job of leaving Wayne County. Improve Your Odds As a (former) Boy Scout, I’m a big...

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